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The Furniture Collection

The Bills and Coins Collection

Other Collections: The Collections of Original Pieces

Other Collections: The VNDIQVE Collection

IN AEDES VICTOR Sunday, 17th June 2018

Cultural Patrimony


General information
AEDES VICTOR can be regarded as a world in itself, due to the fact that its cultural universe houses a scarce but valuable selection of elements that represent the most extensive diversities belonging to the field of what can be considered created or produced by the intellect or the artistic skills of the human kind, regardless of geographical space or time of its existence.

The AEDIVM collection

 ESTATUA.jpg  Numerous pieces belong to this collection, of which the sculptures are particularly important. Carved and sculpted in the most varied materials and sizes, today they constitute a part of the inner park’s scenery as well as the interior of the house. A few miniatures in rock crystal, amethyst and lapis lazuli have been protected in security depots outside  AEDESVICTOR.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


The bibliographical collection


 DICCIONARIOS.jpg  The most prized treasure at AEDES VICTOR consists of interesting bibliographical pieces, some of great historical and scientific interest, apart from its Library. Many of the texts by European authors are in their original language and are classified according to interest fields. In the area of language studies there are essential books on philology, grammar and linguistics that bear witness to the varios conceptual landmarks in the evolution of these studies. And, as a perfect complement, there is a vast collection of dictionaries.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

“Mémoire sur le systeme primitif des voyelles dans les langues indo-européennes” and “De l’emploi du génitif absolu en sanscrit”, the main thesis of Ferdinand de Saussure, are kept in its original language as part of other studies joined under the common title of “RECUEIL DES PUBLICATIONS SCIENTIFIQUES” that contains many articles written by the great genevan professor and first edited in 1878. The copy currently conserved in AEDES VICTOR Library has been adjusted to the edition printed in Geneva by 1922. 



The furniture collection

 Sill__n.jpg  Inside and outside AEDES VICTOR some pieces of furniture are kept that represent the best of the existing interiors, or that at some point did exist, in Argentina. Especially the wooden pieces carved by hand stand out, many times unique because of different reasons: deterioration or destruction of the suite that they originally belonged to, or because of the exclusive character of the design and the realization according to the request of the owner.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


The note and coin collection

 Billete.jpg  The history of the sudden changes in the economy of the Argentinian Republic is reflected in the THE NOTES AND COINS COLLECTION, that comprises examples of the minting in this part of the world with pieces of great historical and numismatic value. It includes two categories: money and quasimoney. To the first belongs the legally permitted official issues and to the second one, the money that has been produced by individuals and even by the provincial governments in spite of the coining being reserved by the National Constitution exclusively for the Congress of the Nation. In the contexts of crisis that these pieces were put into circulation, they were used as means of payment and for cancellation of bonds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

 This image shows some coins that form part of the AEDES VICTOR Collection. The full range covers a wide period starting in 1890, the year that de CAJA DE CONVERSIÓN (”Convertion Cash”) was created, pass through 1936, the year that it ceased and was substitued by the BANCO CENTRAL DE LA REPÚBLICA ARGENTINA (Central Bank of the Argentine Republic), and reaches aup to present days.

Although the collection is uncompleted it has a high numismatic value and testifies a long period of economic and financial history of this part of the world.

The NOTES AND COINS COLLECTION is not in permanent display. A part of the Winter Gallery will be refurbished to allow temporary exhibition of selected pieces for very special ocasions.



Other collections: The originals collection

 DIBUJO_B_N.jpg  This collection contains some notable works by Argentinian artists. Among them, some images captured by the camera of the recognized artist and professional Pedro Luis Raota. Among the drawings, this one in white and black, signed by NILL and dated 1980, stand out.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Other collections: The reproduction collection

 LUCHA DE POTROS (Colts’ battle) is the name of this neat reproduction of an original by Raúl Castagnino, printed and put into circulation with the painter’s permission as his contribution for the benefit of LALCEC, the Argentinian association against cancer.


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